Clean Room

Cleanrooms square measure employed in much each trade wherever little particles will adversely have an effect on the producing method. They vary in size and quality, and square measure used extensively in industries love semiconductor producing, prescribed drugs, biotech, medical device and life sciences, likewise as essential method producing common in region, optics, military and Department of Energy.

Cleanroom HVAC systems usually management the humidness to low levels, specified additional precautions square measure necessary to stop static discharges. getting into a cleanroom typically needs carrying a cleanroom suit.

General Overview

  • Drawing and Engineering calculations for permits
  • AUTOCAD files
  • Make-up and exhaust air balance
  • Positive and negative pressure necessities
  • Contamination capture or exhaust
  • Heat Load
  • Lighting necessities
  • Electrical load
  • Monitoring systems
  • Final as designed cleanroom category certification
  • Positive and negative pressure clean rooms
  • Modular clean rooms
  • Wall panels with PUF, Rock wool & PIR